Washer Dryer Repair London

Repairs4Us is a team of highly qualified and certified engineers. We provide exceedingly high-standard washer-dryer repairs. We have set rates and prices, and our friendly repairs technicians work tirelessly to bring our clients an outstanding service. Our helpful customer service support team is always on hand to make sure your requests are taken care of immediately.

Our washer-dryer repairs engineers have the knowledge to quickly find out why your appliance has stopped working or any other issues that prevent it from running smoothly. Usually, they are able to repair the washer-dryers on the spot, but sometimes they need to replace a faulty part. Our operatives carry with them most of the commonly used spare parts, but sometimes we need to use parts we don’t have. When this is the case, we will always ask our clients to agree before proceeding, and then will keep them informed on the progress.

Washer Dryer Repair London

Washer dryers are extremely convenient kitchen appliances. Combining the comfort of both washing machine and a dryer, but only taking half the space is something that appeals to many of our customers. At the same time a washer-dryer has to work twice as hard to do the job that is usually undertaken by two separate kitchen appliances.

Throughout our many years of experience in repairing washer-dryers we have seen how well they have been designed to perform their task. We also had the chance to study first-hand the clever combination of parts used by all major washer-dryer brands that make these appliances work so well.

Repairs4Us washer-dryer repair services are outstanding, and our repair engineers are able to help with anything from washer-dryer plumbing through fault finding to on-site repairs. We also strive to keep our prices as low as possible, so they are affordable to our customers.

Repairs4Us' engineers have an extensive experience with all major as well as many not very well-known brands washer-dryers. Our washer-dryer repair services are flexible when it comes to scheduling a visit as well as fair and affordable.

Working directly with all leading brands manufacturers and their suppliers gives us the opportunity to provide authentic spare parts at very competitive prices. When we have to purchase a spare part, we need to proceed with an ongoing washer dryer repair service, we always take permission from our clients, and then regularly update them on the progress.

At Repairs4Us we care about our customers. That is why we are always happy to help with advice on how to take care of their washer-dryers so they can spare themselves some avoidable callouts. One very important thing is to leave the appliance to rest for about half an hour in between washes or drying loads so the parts have time to cool off. You can find more tips here and here.