Our customers have said

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Many thanks for Repairs4U who responded so promptly and repaired my fridge. There was an internal leek (I thought), and the bottom of the fridge compartment would fill with water. Now I know how to take a better care of my fridge, thanks to the considerate advice from your engineer.
Vanessa R.

Repairs4U repaired my fridge unbelievably fast! It happened that one of their engineers was in my area and they responded immediately. They had the part that had to be replaced and all was done in less than an hour. Thank you, Repairs4U, your service is amazing.
Emily K.

To the guys from Repairs4U that repaired my washing machine, thank you. I would recommend the company to anyone. One of the reasons, and the most important one, is efficiency. It took them as much time as they said it would to arrive, they fixed the problem they were able to identify on the phone in the most professional manner, and they charged as much as they initially quoted. Keep up the good work, guys.
Marina B.

Thank you, Repairs4u, for quick and efficient service. We have an open plan kitchen/living room, and when our cooker hood stopped working, I was afraid that the smell of my cooking might stick to the furniture and walls. Fortunately, Repairs4u were available almost immediately and did a great job. I’d recommend them to anyone!
Catherine P.

I was halfway through cooking a dinner for my family, when the electric hobs stopped working, all of them. I called Repairs4u, and after a few questions, they knew what was wrong. They came and repaired the hobs the next day, at the price they’ve quoted. I’m really happy with their service.
Elizabeth W.

When my washing machine broke down, I panicked. With two toddlers at home, washing clothes is my unending pastime. Fortunately, Repairs4You responded immediately and my washing machine was repaired the next day. Thanks a lot!
Susan K.

Two appliances repaired in a day. Quick job, low prices. I would use them again. Fortunately, I am very happy with the repair of my fridge freezer. I sent a request to Repairs4You, they replied immediately and repaired my fridge in the time they promised. Good work, guys!
Peter D.

I called Repairs4You to schedule a repair, but frankly, I had almost decided to buy a new oven as I had called another company before that and they said they could not repair it. The technician from Repairs4You managed to locate the problem, we ordered the part and at his next visit it worked perfectly. I would recommend them to anyone!
Sharona F.