Domestic and Commercial Appliances Repairs

About Repairs4u

We believe in motivating people to give the best they have, that is why each of our operatives in our team of highly trained repairs specialists is happy to work for our company.
We have chosen the field of domestic and commercial appliance repairs, servicing and maintenance because this is what we do best and are passionate about. We are constantly improving ourselves and striving to present our customers with extremely high quality domestic and commercial appliance repairs, provided by loyal and happy employees.

In our many years of experience in servicing and repairing electrical appliances, we have detected, identified and solved many, if not any problem that can occur during the lifespan of any make and model there is. This is why we are equipped to deal with any issue and repair a broken or a malfunctioning appliance on the spot, enabling you to continue your day without further disruption.

Regular maintenance and servicing of household and commercial electrical appliances is of a paramount importance. We have been able to help our customers prolong the lifespan of their fridgeswashing machinesdishwashers, and other appliances with regular servicing and advice.

Whenever we are needed, we do our job quickly, with the utmost care for our customers’ appliances. We believe that our services make the lives of our clients better and that is why they come back to us again and again, for quick and quality repairs.